Club de la comedia

A example of a club

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Clubs - VocabularyEdit

1)Clubs= A place were people go to have fun

2)Leisure= To do something nonproductive, and play something

3)Fraternities=  A body of people united in interests. Also like a brotherhood

4)Hobbies= Something that you like to do or to have 

5)Clubbed= Having a thickened end, like a club

6)Thicken= To become more involved

7)Frivolous=  Not serious or sensible in content, attitude, or behaviour; silly




  1. That club is fantastic, is amazing the fun that you can have
  1. I already go to that boring leisure centre
  2. They have a fraternities of sports, and we of videogames
  3. My hobbie is to collect album cards
  4. I was "clubbed" in that topic
  5. You are thicken with that problem
  6. This club is frivolous, you will not get stressed